How is OMERS Handling Your Money?

CUPE Ontario has released a comprehensive and third party verified report detailing the long-term underperformance of investments at the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS) pension plan.  Investment returns are a critical part of funding the pensions of front-line workers. We know defined benefit pension plans are the best and most efficient way for workers to make those invest and secure their income in retirement.

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OMERS has been trying to convince plan members that our guaranteed indexing is the problem when it is more likely the failure to properly invest the plan members’ money.
As the largest representative of workers in the plan, CUPE is calling on OMERS to cooperate fully with an independent and transparent review of its investment performance conducted by Sponsors like CUPE and other unions representing plan members. To join us in that request, take part in the Phone Zap Action today: Phone_Zap