The OMERS Sponsors Corporation wants to make changes to your pension plan that will have a significantly negative impact on your retirement.
Click on this link for details    Details of Proposed Changes

Send a new email to the chairs of the OMERS Sponsors Board to let them know you do not want them to go ahead with the proposed changes.
To send an email, click here   Say No to Changes

Tell other OMERS plan members to send a new email as well.  The OMERS Sponsors Board needs to hear from as many members as possible.

***If you are contacted by OMERS to participate in a consultation of any kind, let your president know right away so you can be provided with the accurate information you will need as well as questions to ask during their presentation.***

EWBT Benefit Information Bulletins

Reasonable and Customary Limits:      CUPE_Bulletin_April 2018 

Transitioning to the New Plan:              CUPE_Bulletin March 2018

Registering for the Plan:                        CUPE_Bulletin  February 2018

Understanding Your New Plan:            CUPE_Bulletin January 2018

Plan Enrollment:                                     CUPE_Bulletin January 9, 2018

Your Questions/Your Answers:             CUPE_Bulletin December 2017

EWBT Deadline Extension to April 6, 2018

Please read the attached communication regarding the new benefit plan to determine whether you qualify for the deadline extension.


If you have already contacted OTIP and they have initiated a file, ticket or investigation regarding your enrollment, this deadline does NOT apply to you.

OTIP will contact you once they have confirmed the information necessary for you to become part of the plan. This may take two to three weeks.The coverage will be valid from March 1st once you have completed the enrollment process.

Benefit Information for NHA and ESSS Members

If you work in the role of Noon Hour Assistant or Elementary School Student Supervisor, you will be offered the opportunity to enroll for the new EWBT Benefits Plan. Information regarding the plan and enrollment should be arriving at your home address in approximately three (3) weeks.  From the time you receive the invitation to enroll, you will have 31 days to complete the enrollment, if you are interested.  It is important to note that benefit coverage premium costs are determined by the provider according to the number of hours you are regularly scheduled to work as a permanent employee. The cost for someone working a ten hour work week is fifty percent (50%) of the premium while the cost increases to one hundred percent (100%) of the premium for those scheduled to work fewer than 10 hours per week. Please wait for your information package to arrive and check back to the website for updates.