Protect Your OMERS Pension. Get the facts about the proposed changes.


The OMERS Sponsors Corporation wants to make changes to your pension plan that will have a significantly negative impact on your retirement.
Send a new email to the chairs of the OMERS Sponsors Board to let them know you do not want them to go ahead with the proposed changes.
Tell other OMERS plan members to send a new email as well.  The OMERS Sponsors Board needs to hear from as many members as possible.

***If you are contacted by OMERS to participate in a consultation of any kind, let your president know right away so you can be provided with the accurate information you will need as well as questions to ask during their presentation.***

EWBT Benefit Information Bulletins

Reasonable and Customary Limits:      CUPE_Bulletin_April 2018 

Transitioning to the New Plan:              CUPE_Bulletin March 2018

Registering for the Plan:                        CUPE_Bulletin  February 2018

Understanding Your New Plan:            CUPE_Bulletin January 2018

Plan Enrollment:                                     CUPE_Bulletin January 9, 2018

Your Questions/Your Answers:             CUPE_Bulletin December 2017