EA Campaign Survey

The EA Working Group has requested that Educational Assistants complete a survey to provide the group with information regarding the variety of services that are being provided to students in Ontario schools, the type of training E.A.s have undertaken either on their own or through the employer and what additional PD they feel would be of benefit. The survey will be taken offline on January 26, 2018.  Thank you for taking the time to provide this pertinent information to the working group.

EA Survey – English    https://surveys.cupe.ca/index.php/624713?newtest=Y&lang=en

EA Survey – French    https://surveys.cupe.ca/index.php/624713?newtest=Y&lang=fr




Benefits – EWBT (Education Workers’ Benefit Trust) – NEW Transition Date!

CUPE Education Workers will now be transitioning to province-wide benefits (EWBT) on March 1, 2018. A significant number of Boards have not yet provided final required data to OTIP, our new plan administrator. Visit the link below for more information.  Important details regarding the plan, including instructions for enrollment,  will be sent to you after January 8, 2018. Updates will be posted as they become available, so check our website on a regular basis.  You can register to receive updates as well!

CUPE_Bulletin – Dec 20, 2017


CUPE EWBT Benefit Trust

OSBCC Bulletin November 2017


Information for members thinking about retiring in the near future:   CUPE_Bulletin-23Nov2017