As you know our provincial team has reached a tentative agreement for central bargaining. We were given a summary of the agreement earlier this week and asked not to publicize or post it. I have not done either. As well as respecting the provincial team’s request, I feel it is imperative that we all hear the same information at the same time. Members of our local bargaining team are attending the meeting this Saturday in Toronto. At this meeting, we will receive the entire tentative agreement and have an opportunity to ask questions of those who were actually present at the bargaining table. We will then bring that information back and hold a ratification meeting for central table bargaining on November 28th at 9:30 a.m.. Meeting will be held at JOHN PAUL II CATHOLIC SECONDARY SCHOOL – 1300 Oxford Street, London.

Apparently some members have seen a copy of the summary from social media. I really recommend people not try to interpret the summary. It is only a summary and the entire tentative agreement must be discussed at length and then voted on to bring back to membership.

In order to cut down on rumours and misinterpretations of the document, we will not be answering any questions on the agreement until the day of ratification.

Hope to see you at the RATIFICATION MEETING – NOVEMBER 28th – 9:30 at JOHN PAUL II.