As you know, our provincial team has reached a settlement. OSBCC will be holding a Leadership meeting next Saturday, November 14th to present the info to leadership. It will then come back to the Locals for central table bargaining ratification.

In the meantime, we are returning to normal. There is however, a backlog of work that was considered “struck work” and therefore not completed. The expectation of the employer is that things will return to normal – gradually – within a couple of weeks. They have sent a protocol out to supervisors that speaks to this. Should you feel that you are being pressured to “get caught up” too quickly, it is important that you let me know asap (519-860-4186).

No info is yet available on the settlement. What I can tell you is that I have absolute confidence in the people that were elected to sit at the table and represent us in central table bargaining. I look forward to receiving the settlement and bringing it to our membership for ratification. And now on to Local bargaining…