As you know, we are in a legal strike position for central bargaining. WORK TO RULE is to continue. The Instructions are listed below on this page…

Our provincial bargaining team has now had 8 days of bargaining with the government. They do not have a settlement. They do have 3 more dates to bargain – September 26, 27 & 28.

In order to be ready, should a work-stoppage strike become a reality, I have posted the “Strike Pay Application”. This does not mean we are walking out or striking right now. It does mean we need to be prepared in case work stoppage actions become a reality. The application must be filled out and sent to our office asap. We will forward them to CUPE National. Strike pay begins on the 11th day of a strike. In order to receive the $300, you must have completed the form, and you must complete 20 hours of picket duty a week. We do have several Picket Captains, but can always use more. Anyone interested in serving our Local as a Picket Captain please contact Andre King, our Strike Captain (

I have uploaded a memorandum regarding Strike Pay and also the Strike Pay Application below. If you have questions feel free to contact me (519-860-4186) Should I need to contact the membership I will use the automated calls to members’ homes. The phone numbers we use are the provided to us by the employer. If you have changed your contact info and not notified them, we will not have the correct number either. Please send me any corrected info, so that we can reach you.

MEMORANDUM regarding Strike Pay
Memorandum to MEMBER 2 STRIKE PAY – September 2015

APPLICATION: Strike Pay Application Form